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 Music is an important part of life here in Tarifa, especially during summer. 

Our Tarifa Summer Sessions CD features artists from all over the world.  As Banti is a meeting point for those who truly believe we are living in heaven on earth, music is something which connects us all to one another.  Compiled and mixed live by dj funkybody, Banti’s Tarifa Summer Session CD takes you on a musical journey from chill-out to sexy club tunes. 


              Summer parties 2015


Come enjoy live music at Banti!  During our Asian influenced dinners, sit back and enjoy the sounds of the many live bands passing through Tarifa each summer. 

To buy a copy of the Tarifa Summer Sessions cd and for all bookings and music inquiries, please contact:


Saturday 13th of June : Summer Opening Party 10th Anniversary BANTI!!!

                                              Live Musik, Djs, Grill